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  • 7.4 (based on 185 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Air Date Season # 8: February 14, 2020
  • Number Of Seasons: 8
  • Created By: Chris Ryan
Warren Brown
Warren Brown
Alin Sumarwata
Alin Sumarwata


“Strike Back” is a British / American spy-drama, television adventure series based on the novel of the same name and part-time former SAS soldier Chris Ryan, which tells about the work of the secret unit of the British Military Intelligence Service, carrying out a number of missions First-order, dangling around the world saving civilians and their colleagues in unpleasant situations.

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Air Date: February 14, 2020

In the two thousand and third year in Iraq, the main character John Porter led the hostage rescue operation in Basra. The man was sure that he was acting correctly, but apparently he did not calculate the action and underestimated the strength of the enemy.

The attempt to free the hostages ends in a tragedy in which both innocent people and representatives of the Porter squad die. His faithful companion Collinson is one of the few who manage to get out of that alteration alive. Seven years pass by. Porter returns to service. He again goes to Iraq, where once again intersects with Collinson.

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Scenes Strike Back season 8

Air Date: January 25, 2019

John Porter and his unit sent to Basra. Here is a secret operation to release a prisoner of war. It would seem that for a successful capture there is everything: a well-developed plan, a reliable team and self-confidence. The teammate, Collinson, also does not doubt the success of the operation, but everything turns out to be pitiable for the main characters.

Most of the fighters have been lost, and the operation is officially considered failed. Porter is depressed, which lasts for many years. Seven years have passed since this sad event. The main character returns to business, but realizes that he will never be the same as he was before. Now the man is sent to Iraq to engage in a series of operations in a remote country.

So many years have passed since the operation in Basra, but memories of the sad consequences make themselves felt when Porter again encounters Collinson. The main characters will work together. But will they once again have the courage to take risks and command their soldiers responsibly?

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Air Date: October 31, 2017

John Porter is a man who gave his life to military service. Prior to the invasion of American troops in Iraq in the two thousand and third year, this man led a group to rescue several people in captivity. He ended up in Basra, where he and his group carried out a large-scale operation.

The protagonist was sure that the mission would be completed without problems, but everything went far from the declared scenario. The focus of the project is a terrible twist of fate, which claimed the lives of many colleagues of the protagonist.

John himself survived, and the guilt for the fallen comrades still does not give him rest. It takes about seven years. The main character returns to Iraq to finally make amends. Will he again be able to serve faithfully his homeland, as he did once upon a time. Meeting with an old friend changes his life completely. We see the good old Porter who is ready for the next task!

Trailer Strike Back season 6

Scenes Strike Back season 6

Air Date: June 03, 2015

The main character of the television series becomes John Porter. In 2003, this man participated in a hostage rescue operation in the very center of Barcelona. But an unforeseen situation occurs that entailed tragic events. Seven years have passed since that moment, but the feeling of guilt haunts Porter. And now the hero has a chance to go back to Iraq and try to atone for his guilt.

Trailer Strike Back season 5

Scenes Strike Back season 5

Air Date: August 09, 2013

The protagonists of the series are in a special unit that conducts military operations in foreign countries. In 2003, John Porter was the leader of a detachment tasked with rescuing a hostage in Iraqi Basra. However, the operation failed miserably, adversely affecting the fate of Porter and his partner Collinson.

After seven years, the heroes will have the opportunity to rehabilitate their position by returning to Iraq. This time they will pursue one of the most dangerous terrorists in the world – Al-Zahiri, having traveled a path full of dangers through many countries and continents.

Trailer Strike Back season 4

Scenes Strike Back season 4

Air Date: August 17, 2012

Iraq, 2003 John Porter has been appointed head of the hostage rescue operation in central Barcelona. However, his actions had unforeseen, catastrophic consequences for him and the second hero of Collinson. Over the next seven years, John suffered guilt over his mistakes. However, Porter had another chance to fix it. What will the new clash between Porter and Collinson lead to?

Trailer Strike Back season 3

Scenes Strike Back season 3

Air Date: August 12, 2011

John Carter is a highly trained and skilled special agent. The main character has to complete a difficult task. He is forced to save the hostage left by Iraqi militants.

Reinforcements will soon arrive at the enemy and the main character had to hurry with the mission. He was heading to the center of Bars, where they held the prisoner. But the events that occurred violated the plans of the protagonist.

Carter, along with his associates, is unable to save the prisoner. But the main character does not plan to return home, failing the task. He intends to complete the matter by freeing the prisoner. Will John be able to complete the task and return home safe and sound? Indeed, many dangers await him on the way.

Trailer Strike Back season 2

Scenes Strike Back season 2

Air Date: May 05, 2010

In 2003, John Porter was the head of one of the hostage rescue units in central Basra, but unfortunately catastrophic events are taking place. About seven years have passed, and this case does not haunt John Porter. And now, by the way, the opportunity has appeared to return to Iraq and atone for their guilt …

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Scenes Strike Back season 1