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  • 8.5 (based on 338 903 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 9: July 17, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 9
  • Created By: Aaron Korsh
Sarah Rafferty
Sarah Rafferty
Gabriel Macht
Gabriel Macht
Rick Hoffman
Rick Hoffman


TV show Suits is a quintessence of style. From the very first moment of getting on the screen of your TV, it makes you dissolve in the world of unrealistic luxury and stylish douchebags who have some redeeming qualities. We will follow the struggles of a young aspiring lawyer who makes his way to the top of the world by lying and misbehaving. He is a good human being but he soon partners with a young shark of the industry. Harvey is a good looking self-confident lawyer who helps his clients earn millions in profits. He is as smart as he is cruel and decisive. This pair of lawyers becomes more than just a couple of friends.

TV show Suits is a great example of a series that banks on character development and interesting plot twists that change the course of the who dramatically when it is necessary. You will unlikely think that the show is stale at any given moment of time. It is a very nice experience for anyone who wants to watch something interesting. At the same time, the series gives you an opportunity to take a closer look at how some of the greatest lawyers operate and fight against each in the courtroom. With its high production value and perfect performances, the show managed to gather lots of praising comments from both critics and viewers.

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Air Date: July 17, 2019

The ninth season of the popular series “Force Majeure” returns to the screens. Many years ago, a crazy story began about the legal sphere, which proved that real talents and invaluable employees may be in the most unexpected places. So it was with Mike Ross, who, in spite of his incredible prospects and great abilities, was engaged in small part-time work and was not in the big picture.

The protagonist even went to the crime to make some money and help a friend, but this was the turning point for him: the young man left the chase in an amazing way, finding himself in an interview at one of the largest law firms in the city where Harvard graduates were competitors.

Further, the plot of the story developed in the most unpredictable way, but the old characters had already faded into the background when the story captured the events of the minor characters around which the main events were developing. The ninth season will continue the story of the legal world of New York, presenting more and more surprises and unexpected turns of events. What will be next?

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Air Date: July 18, 2018

Suits season 8 makes a sudden shift in direction. As several pivotal stars leave the show due to different reasons, the series is now left with the star power of the leading actor. Our beloved protagonist Harvey is now the sole star of the show which will now heavily focus on his personal and professional life.

While some A-listers decided to step away from the series, the supporting cast is still brilliant and allows for some interesting character interactions to be implemented in the script. Simultaneously, the series introduces several new characters to the audience in order to conduct some course correction.

Suits season 8 will unlikely become the first step on the way of the show to its dwindling popularity. While ratings dropped slightly, viewers are not yet tired from watching one of the smartest and wittiest lawyers do his job.

Our main hero will keep fighting for his position in the industry and try to continue weaving intrigues of his own to regain the glory of a company that he is now captaining to new heights. With several great supporting actors shaping out the nature of relationships between multiple characters, the show definitely remains amongst the best series about lawyers.

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Air Date: July 12, 2017

Suits season 7 brings together Mike and Harvey as they struggle to rebuild the reputation that our younger lawyer lost previously. While his position in the company is being restored after he finishes his education and claims the title of a legal specialist, some still do not trust him fully.

He must earn the trust of colleagues and friends back while helping Harvey to gain control over the situation. Other heroes are also under pressure with many characters entering the season from very shaky low positions. The intensity of relationships between them promises to be truly captivating to watch.

Suits season 7 makes sure that you understand the fact that the series is no longer a narrative filled with themes of naivety and inexperience. Our main heroes are seasoned veterans of the industry and know that everyone backstabs everyone.

They will try to survive once again after regaining some of their respect and power. This is a new story with interesting twists and turns that will make you truly interested in what is about to happen in the nearest future. Mike is a legitimate lawyer, Harvey needs to protect his name and future, and Litt wants to taste that sweet revenge. Let’s see what will happen.

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Air Date: July 13, 2016

Suits season 6 focuses on the fallout of the storyline that was not so satisfyingly resolved in the previous season when our heroes were involved in a dense mess of intrigues and quarrels. Center figures of the show are now a part of a new company that features last names of the main trinity.

“Pearson Specter Litt” has many enemies and loses clients, but they are determined to make things work despite all the internal issues that tear the firm apart. The harsh reality of the crime that has been hidden for a long time is now hitting the shambling company hard as new owners of the office are trying to sew back together patches of a once powerful law firm.

Suits season 6 also features a dramatic break-up of the main couple of the series. Rachel is a bride without a groom as Mike decides that the disapproval of her family is enough of a reason to forget about the marriage. He is also facing an “exciting opportunity” to spend several years behind metal bars.

The result of multiple frauds and intricate schemes is a payment that may be too high for our heroes. The punishment does seem to be quite harsh. While waters seem to be calming down, the true whirlpool of mishaps is only about to start. Our heroes are about to be tested once more.

Trailer Suits season 6

Air Date: June 23, 2015

Suits season 5 opens a new chapter in the history of one of the most famous fictional law firms. 4 previous years were full of misadventures of our main heroes who wanted to prove the world that a no-name young lawyer without a degree and an experienced shark of the business can create a successful duo.

However, their luck is about to run out as kindness and softness of Mike start to create a nearly palpable wall between two heroes. We are about to see where this strange entanglement of philosophies will crack as past deeds of Mike and his illegitimate presence in the law firm become apparent to some people.

Suits season 5 is a great continuation of a dramatic story that captivated viewers all over the world. A wildly successful and stylish show managed to hold on to its ratings and keeps surprising everyone with sudden twists and turns. The calmness of waters during the first phase of the series is about to be violently disturbed by actions of people who are not so kind to Mike and Harvey.

They both need to somehow sort out many issues and prepare to lose everything as the new page of their book of adventures is about to be turned. Those who followed the show for the last decade, will be more than happy to continue watching this amazing story.

Trailer Suits season 5

Air Date: June 11, 2014

Suits season 4 has many merits and creating a moment of piece in the long marathon of mishaps is one of them. While our duo of heroes was quite successful in hiding their little secret that Mike is far from being a graduate of one of the most prestigious law schools in the world, this season is all about continuous investigations and suspiciousness as their enemies continue to dig a hole under Mike and Harvey.

They are about to fall into a pit prepared by people who want to control the wildly successful law firm. However, our friends may be capable of saving their bottom halves for one more time. You won’t see some dramatic changes to the playing field of the series, but the build-up of events will definitely keep you invested.

Suits season 4 is about revenge in various forms. All our heroes are threatened by a bunch of people and new partners who want to control the company.

This can lead to drastic management changes and create really dangerous situations for all of our beloved characters. Will they forget about their quarrels and unite to fight off the threat? On the other hand, Rachel is about to tell Mike a truly important thing about her past and it may create a new fissure in their shaky relationship that become more and more vulnerable to conflicts.

Trailer Suits season 4

Air Date: July 16, 2013

Suits season 3 will finally touch upon the most important aspect of the story — the legitimacy of Mike as a lawyer. He was taken on board of the law firm only due to the fact that Harvey was impressed by his skills. However, not many people know that Mike is a fraud and that his success in the company is due to his exceptional memory and raw talent.

He does not have a diploma to back his expertise. While this may seem like not a big deal, the reality is that he may be put in prison if the truth is discovered by anyone but Harvey or Rachel. The suspiciousness of Litt and some shenanigans from other characters lead to a situation where Mike has nowhere to run from exposure.

Suits season 3 is packed with intense moments. After a brief moment of good time, Mike is about to pay the price for lies and crime. At the same time, other characters are fighting over the company. All company’s associates are tied in a clash where ambitions and greed often overshadow any human decency.

The duet of Harvey and Mike is a powerful one, but there are some difficulties and rules that even they cannot fully ignore. The snowball effect of lies will strike them hard in the moment when they least expect it. If you enjoy good shows, you will love this intricate series with one conflict of interests unfolding after another.

Trailer Suits season 3

Air Date: June 14, 2012

Suits season 2 makes a huge leap compared to the previous one in terms of intensity and drama. While the first season was only a warm-up where we were introduced to our main protagonists and taught about the rules of the series, this time the heat is turned to eleven.

Mike is now an employee of one of the biggest law firms in the city and his expertise and raw talent impressed everyone. However, he is not a legitimate lawyer and must remember about it as he slowly makes his way to the title of a lawyer. At the same time, Harvey shows that he is more than just a suit and has a beating heart inside him. The duo becomes more defined and they both start to realize that they make a very efficient team.

Suits season 2 is a great step in the right direction for the show. It became even more stylish, settings are now familiar to the audience, the focus on legal aspects became more prominent, and it just feels really satisfying to watch. Right from the beginning, the series established itself as a beautifully shot and masterfully designed series with eye-catching glamour and style that is characteristic for so-called “suits”.

The world of business and law is explored even deeper with lots of interesting things happening all the time. If you enjoyed the start of this story, you definitely don’t want to miss out on its development.

Trailer Suits season 2

Air Date: June 23, 2011

Suits season 1 introduces us to the world of law and business. This is a cruel world where any misstep is punished by your higher-ups. Lawyers are sharks that constantly fight for influence, territory, and money.

Any outsider is quickly overwhelmed by authorities. However, there tough little guys who are ready to risk it all in order to make their way to the top. Our main protagonist is an excellent self-taught lawyer with exceptional memory. He can memorize a book after seeing it once. He meets a very talented lawyer Harvey Specter who is one of the best in the industry. They two quickly become very fond of each other and Harvey wants to have such a bright mind on his side.

Suits season 1 has a simple premise but there is a detail that makes it spicy. While Harvey is more than impressed with abilities and knowledge of Mike, the latter does not have a diploma and cannot work at a law firm.

However, he is so talented and in grave danger. Harvey decides to hire him despite corporate rules. This means that they share a secret that can bring doom upon both of them. Mike is not only happy to receive an opportunity of life time but also meets a woman. This is a perfect beginning of a really interesting story with dramatic moments, betrayals, and conflicts.

Trailer Suits season 1

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