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  • 7.8 (based on 17 360 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: October 04, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Justin Spitzer
America Ferrera
America Ferrera
Ben Feldman
Ben Feldman
Colton Dunn
Colton Dunn
Lauren Ash
Lauren Ash
Mark McKinney
Mark McKinney
Nichole Bloom
Nichole Bloom
Nico Santos
Nico Santos


Different people work in stores, and this variety increases in large stores. The series “Supermarket” made in the USA tells us about such a team of one supermarket. A lot of interesting things happen to them in the workplace. And we are shown quite life situations. Gavin is the manager of this supermarket. He has a deputy, her name is Julie. She really wants to make a positive impression on her boss.

And to do this, you need to become an authority among your subordinates. But how can this be done if your subordinates do not perceive you at all as a boss. Yes, and Gavin does not respond to her flirting, he is well aware of her goals, so he tries to keep her away from himself. what do the poor girl do? How to attract the attention of the authorities? These and many other questions you can get answers in the TV series “Supermarket”. And also you will see many surprisingly funny situations that our heroes have been in.S

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Air Date: October 04, 2018

Work in a supermarket may not require any outstanding skills from workers, so there may be completely heterogeneous workers here. The main characters of this series work in one of the hypermarkets of their city.

Each of them seeks to improve, or just trying to work out conscientiously. The adventures of the main characters are limited to the walls of the store, inside which there are really funny situations and very interesting events. You can count dozens of comical moments every day, because you never know in advance what kind of client you will encounter.

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Air Date: September 28, 2017

Who would have thought that epic events, incredible adventures and crazy action could take place on such a small area. The focus of the plot is just a little shop, a small supermarket, where such different characters work, that you wonder how they haven’t completely finished their bites with each other.

Despite constant conflicts, eternal attempts to pinch each other, history makes us look at the world of relationships between people differently. All this happens in a very comical and quite amusing setting that heats up every time the interests and views of the characters on life collide. Many of them find a solution only in a protracted conflict, during which anything can happen! We can only follow this brand insanity!

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Air Date: August 19, 2016

In the center of the plot is the indefatigable team store “Cloud 9”. This motley company knows how to have fun! Employees are constantly in funny, awkward and often quite unusual situations.

Main characters: Supervisor Amy Dubanovski – responsible, reliable, serious employee, who has been working in a supermarket for ten years now; Assistant Manager Dina Fox is not the most polite and pleasant companion, which is difficult to establish contact with colleagues, because she is guided by the book “The Code of Employee Behavior” in everything; paralyzed below the belt Garrett, whose main task is to make announcements on the loudspeaker; A seventeen-year-old schoolgirl, Cheyenne, pregnant and engaged to her boyfriend Bob.

And it is Glenn Sturgis, the store manager, charming, cheerful guy who brings up with the wife of the foster child, who manages all this “disgrace.” The series began with the appearance of new employees in the team: handsome John and the ambitious Mateo. While the first is struggling to build a relationship with Amy, the second, trying to build a career, is sucking up to the bosses with might and main. However, John’s problems are not limited to Amy: he needs to prove his worth to colleagues and the boss as a good employee, as well as to pacify Dean, who immediately inflamed his feelings for the newcomer.

Season 2 begins with an incident in the supermarket: the opening ceremony of the Olympic Cloud 9 games are not going according to plan. Meanwhile, Amy meets her old idol – gymnast Missy Jones, and she gives the fan excellent advice. Cheyenne is worried that by the age of 17 she hasn’t achieved anything, Glenn is trying to prove to Mateo that America is the number one country, and Dina is seriously interested in a new project: she is tasked with closing the Olympics in the store.

Trailer Superstore season 2

Air Date: November 30, 2015

The Cloud 9 store opens its doors! It’s time to get acquainted with the workforce of the supermarket. Amy Dubanovski – Supervisor, the most experienced employee, a real long-liver. Amy began as an ordinary worker and for ten years of exemplary work several times received a promotion. However, this woman is not only an ambitious careerist, but also an excellent mother. At the age of 19, Dubanovski married Adam, whom she met with at school, together they raise daughter Emma.

Dina Fox is an assistant manager and a great lover of birds, which is hard to communicate with other people, as well as colleagues and boss Glenn Sturgis. Her favorite book is Employees Code of Conduct, which Dina knows by heart. Glenn is a store manager, a cheerful good-natured person and a great family man. Consultant Garrett is partially paralyzed, so most often he is assigned to make announcements in a supermarket. Seventeen-year-old Cheyenne is a pregnant schoolgirl, also working in a store.

The 1st season begins with the appearance of new employees: John and Mateo. Jonah is a young man who has a relationship with Amy. Trying to make an impression, he makes several mistakes on the first working day, and Mateo, who took John seriously for a competitor, tries to bypass his colleague in everything. However, the guy is successful in another field: Dean who hired him is very passionate about the newcomers and is not opposed to enter into a romantic relationship with John.

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