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  • 6.3 (based on 2 960 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: June 05, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 3


The project migrated from the Internet to television in the format of a multiseries story from The Katydids group, popular among young people. The authors of the script and performers of the main roles in one person work as teachers in primary schools.

They have to educate children and teach them basic rules of behavior, the simplest sciences, and much more. True, the teachers themselves, despite their understanding of the importance of the educational process and the personality of the teacher, are also trying to solve personal problems.

They have everything so well in the family, they have big problems in relations with the opposite sex, as well as numerous other problems!

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Air Date: June 05, 2018

There are 6 main heroines in the 3rd season of Teachers: Cecilia Cannon – teaches art. She is a liberal woman and tries to rally the others. Chelsea Snape is obsessed with her appearance, Anna Jane Feldman is a very lazy person and her lessons often go out of control, Caroline Watson is a very polite and competent teacher.

She is a hopeless romantic and her life is very colorful. Mary Louise Bennigan – is an extremely religious, conservative and clever. Deb Adler is often angry and exasperated. She is married to a loser-musician.

In the 3rd season of Teachers our protagonists have a common problem – there is a new boy in their school and his character is villainous. He is a very quick-tempered, and that is why he has changed 3 schools before. His parents are well-known businessmen and have a lot of money.

They are ready to pay for every dirty deed of their little son. The director is ready to kick out every teacher, who will offend this «gold boy». This pupil does not communicate with anyone and his behavior is extremely aggressive. Will our heroines be able to find a common language with this boy? We will learn it soon. Sit back comfortably and watch. It is realy amazing and incredible!

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Air Date: January 17, 2017

Welcome to watch the second season, based on the online TV series, released under the banner of the Cadidids group. The focus of the project, which was created by six screenwriters, and at the same time – the performers of this excellent series from the TV Land channel.

The plot tells about the simple pupils of the lower grades, who, in fact, most of all look like blank sheets of paper. What the teacher writes in them will remain in them for life.

The main characters of this project are young decent minds who are trying to find their place in this life. Six young teachers begin their great careers in the education system.

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Air Date: January 13, 2016

What can you tell about the life of teachers? The series “Uchilki” knows what to tell. Passed series will tell with humor about the lives of six teachers. Primary school teachers are very different, and, accordingly, they have different views on the upbringing and education of the younger generation. Each teacher has her own class. One teacher adheres to the views of universal equality.

The second one climbs with her opinion on all the problems, and even those that do not concern her in any way, and she does it aggressively. The third is a very calm woman, and is able to enjoy everything that happens. Fourth, very lazy. Her children are left to themselves.

The fifth teacher is proud and loves communication with the opposite sex, but for children she does not forgive the slightest offense. Well, the sixth crisis in her personal life, and she takes out her resentment on the people around her.

How can you manage such subordinates. When your order may be inadequately interpreted and executed. This fact contributes to the spread of chaos in the school.

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