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  • 8.1 (based on 669 836 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 12: September 24, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 12
  • Created By: Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady
Kaley Cuoco
Kaley Cuoco
Johnny Galecki
Johnny Galecki
Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons
Simon Helberg
Simon Helberg
Melissa Rauch
Melissa Rauch
Kunal Nayyar
Kunal Nayyar
Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik


The final season of the popular comedy series, one of the best sitcoms of our time, which tells about the life of incredibly intelligent young people. Once upon a time they were just starting their outstanding career in science and dreamed of great achievements.

Now they have already organized both professional and personal life. The main characters of this project are familiar to many viewers characters, loved by their charisma and excellent sense of humor. The twelfth season promises to be final.

As always, the authors add a sad touch of parting with an incredible sense of humor, and also put an end to the stories of the characters.

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Air Date: September 24, 2018

Another, this time the twelfth season of the American sitcom, which has consistently been on the screens since 2007. Stories from the lives of two young scientists in the field of physics, so loved and attracted the viewer, that in 2014 the project was extended en masse for three seasons, then they made another spin-off, which told about the childhood years of one of the main characters Sheldon, and then extended another and in 2019 we will see the 12th season of the original branch.

In the center of the plot “The Big Bang Theory” life and incredibly funny adventures of two physicists and their loved ones. Both heroes Leonard Hofstedter and Sheldon Cooper work in Caltech. They are both smart, talented and very promising in terms of scientific activity. But they are completely helpless in everyday life, like all creative people, which is called not from this world. They are very bored with solving the problems of everyday life and generally spending their precious time on such trifles, which, in their opinion, is much more expedient to spend on another astounding scientific experience or proof of a puzzling theorem.

The guys had particular difficulties with women … But everything changed a bit when Penny’s girlfriend, charming and so cute, became their roommate …

What will be discussed in the 12th season of The Big Bang Theory?
The absolute inability to normal human communication of two friends of scientists does not bother. At the same time, they are sure that everything can be compensated for by their unconditional genius.

And somewhere they were right. Despite all the difficulties, both managed to get girlfriends. This is Emmy and the already mentioned Penny. In addition, they are great friends with their colleagues Howard Wolowitz and Raj Kutrapali. In addition, friends have excellent relations with Stuart – the owner of a comic book shop.

Interesting facts about the show:
In the story Sheldon is a fan of Star Trek and Doctor Who, but his actor is Jim Parsons who never watched a single series of these television shows.

Nevertheless, the character and the actor have a lot in common, and above all that they both come from Texas.
Sheldon loves to wear T-shirts, which depict the characters of his favorite comic book “Flash”. The co-creators of the Flash series made a kind of alaverdi, and put one of the characters of Tsisko Ramon in T-shirts with inscriptions quoting Sheldon’s statements. For example, “Bazinga!”, Which translates to something like “Loud!”, Which is a direct reference to “To the big bang,” since this is one of Sheldon’s favorite phrases.

For those who remember the fourth season and its circumstances – there Penny was constantly behind the bar. This is because Kaley Cuoco, who plays her role, broke her leg, and the bar counter was designed to disguise the cast.

It is also interesting that Amanda Walsh played the heroine in the pilot series, her name was Katie, and besides, she had a very harmful character. But the audience did not like all that so much that the creators changed everything and gave the role to white and fluffy, though slightly silly, Kaylee.

Kaylie and Johnny, who played Penny and Leonard, met not only in the frame, but also outside it for two years, and no one knew about it. Everything came out when the actors failed their romantic relationship and information about it was leaked to the press. But in life they remained friends and treated each other perfectly.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 12

Air Date: September 25, 2017

The next season of the great comic series The Big Bang Theory. A real legend of modern television, which for the eleventh time returns to the screens of your TV. Before you is an old-kind familiar story about simple young geniuses who are trying to learn the depths of science and, in parallel, arrange their personal lives.

Naturally with the girls, at the beginning, the main characters did not go well. They are trying to do everything possible to somehow manage their affairs on a personal front, but nothing happens. Therefore, guys without remorse do all their free time in science.

However, the arrival in the next apartment of a young girl Penny makes Sheldon and Leonard forget about their passion and pay attention to the new neighbor. Further events developed rapidly.

Relationships were established between the main characters, they were connected by uneasy feelings, and each new season was added more and more new characters, each of which was interesting and unique in its own way. The eleventh season promises to be interesting. In addition, the long-awaited spin-off of Theory – Young Sheldon goes parallel.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 11

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Air Date: September 19, 2016

The big bang theory is a sitcom that has become a real hit among the many projects of modern television. The tenth season, popular for the series, is coming out on screens, delighting the audience with a constantly high degree of absurdity, excellent humor and brilliantly played characters, some of whom have already become national heroes in the eyes of the audience.

Sheldon Cooper is an incredibly intelligent and very responsive guy who is not like the others. His jokes and charisma attract, but the relationship with the girls is amusing, because Sheldon is always different and in a special way looks at life and interpersonal relationships. His close friend is Leonard.

He looks like Sheldon. Same smart and resourceful. However, he is more straightforward and looks at the world easier. From the very first life together in a common room, the main characters found a common language. In addition, a cute blonde Penny settled in the neighborhood, which attracted the attention of young people.

Sheldon immediately abandoned the adventure when Leonard decided to try his luck. Relationships have brought the main characters to such an impassable forest of human feelings that sometimes it would be easier for them to prove the most complex physical law than to improve relations with someone!

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 10

Air Date: September 21, 2015

The main characters of the picture are young physics scientists. Leonard and Sheldon are talented researchers. Any question of science can do them, they know everything about the Universe, but how to handle and how to communicate with women is a daunting task for them.

On the same site with young people settles a pretty girl named Penny. Leonard immediately falls in love with the beautiful neighbor. And as far as his experience and mind suffice, he begins to conquer the girl. But Penny does not like long-term relationships with men and tries to gently refuse, but so as not to offend the neighbor. And Sheldon has no choice but to be happy for his friend and neighbor.

The guys have no less strange friends whose dream is to meet girls. Howard Wolowitz lives with his mother, he loves to dress very brightly and is proud to know many words in foreign languages. And one more friend and the same brilliant physicist Rajesh can communicate with women only by accepting a considerable share of alcohol.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 9

Air Date: September 22, 2014

The eighth season of the most popular comedy series “The Big Bang Theory.” The plot focuses on young physicists who are trying with all their might to unravel the secrets of the universe, and just in case to have a personal life, which, in fact, they do not particularly need.

The main characters of this series are Sheldon and Leonard. They are great friends. The first is very clever and inventive, but in his personal life does not seek to become a worthy family man.

What can not be said about Leonard. He has repeatedly attempted to build love with a new neighbor named Penny, who turned the lives of both characters.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 8

Air Date: September 26, 2013

And again a new season appears on the screens of many of the beloved and fascinating comedy series, which simply won the hearts of the audience. This company of botanists and geo-physicists will again fall into various comedic and incredibly ridiculous situations that cannot but lift their spirits and become imbued with interest in what is happening.

Moreover, the fun, mischievous blonde Penny will also be very good and fun to dilute this men’s team, bringing female tenderness and simplicity. The sixth season ends with friends escorting Leonardo to a fairly long and fascinating sea expedition, so in the new season we will be able to see him on the ship.

Penny all this time will have to talk with this hero exclusively by means of electronic communication, namely Skype. Also, now the main part of the time the girl will have to spend with Sheldon, which by itself means that it will be very fun, funny and positive.

Raj has all the same problems, communication with girls, because he can’t find the only one that really will love and appreciate him. After parting with the last of them, he again plunges into the search for the perfect companion!

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 7

Air Date: September 27, 2012

The sixth season of the popular series about friends of scientists. What adventures are waiting for them this time, what is their life filled with?

The heroes are concerned about the device of their personal lives, they are trying to build relationships, solve emerging problems in the relationship, learning that it is also necessary to work on relationships.

Sheldon goes on a date with Amy, and Leonardo with Penny. Howard was having trouble getting along with his wife and mother. But Raj feels like no one needs. Do not forget to try to get a personal life, friends of each other? Will their friendship remain as strong as before, or are they waiting for a test?

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 6

Air Date: September 22, 2011

The fifth season of this fascinating and exciting series will still delight us with jokes, laughter, funny situations and positive. Again, we have a fascinating story, where the main characters are trying to figure everything out.

Yes, they are very intelligent, well-versed personalities who have received doctoral degrees, only it’s not so easy to deal with their personal lives. Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj are a little confused and they still cannot understand how to continue behaving with their beloved girls.

Maybe women are so complicated and unpredictable that even such talents and great minds simply cannot understand them, and maybe because of their employment they don’t see much, which can also lead to not the most pleasant consequences.
It is for this reason that Penilupa is very jealous of Leonard, which makes her take a completely rash and rash step, she spends the night with Raja.

Only this aggravates the situation even more and the girl gets tangled more and more. The only thing girlfriends fully understood and supported the girl. Although Leo himself was favorable to her, because he wanted to start dating her again. But Howard’s situation is much more complicated. He loves Bernedett, but his work does not allow him to spend much time with her, and he cannot leave her either.

He has the opportunity to fly from space, this is a dream of his whole life, but whether Bernadette doesn’t know if he will wait for him and whether he wants to contact him at all. Only the girl agrees to become his wife, and accordingly wait.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 5

Air Date: September 23, 2010

The main characters of this series are young people who consider themselves to be amazing physicists who are capable of global discoveries in the future. Incredibly clever Leonard and Sheldon always dreamed of uncovering the secrets of the universe, but their enthusiasm for science hinders personal life, which sometimes has to be considered seriously, as the years go by.

The truth is that the main characters are very young to think about adult years. It would seem that the guys will continue to sit at the books, but fate decides to give them a surprise in the form of a new friend Penny, who immediately drives Mad Leonard and Sheldon.

Both begin to care for the girl. However, Sheldon quickly retreats when Leonard seriously thinks about the relationship.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 4

Air Date: September 21, 2009

No one doubts the genius of Leonard and Sheldon. A couple of incredibly smart and very promising guys are great in science. The main actors are real geniuses of their work.

They manage to discuss topics that are sometimes incomprehensible to ordinary people. However, in the personal life of friends is not so simple. With girls, frankly, no luck. True, Leonard and Sheldon are not particularly keen to start a family.

But everything changes when pretty Penny settles next to her, which both fall on. Sheldon also immediately refuses to stir up the idea with the new neighbor, I advise you to do the same to Leonard. But that will not stop!

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 3

Air Date: September 22, 2008

Speech in the plot goes about nice guys. Sheldon and Leonard are wonderful and talented scientists who can spend hours arguing on various scientific topics.

In general, the guys have a lot in common, the two of them love comics very much and can also spend long hours talking about their favorite characters in one of the comics.

These guys have no less strange friends who are as smart as they are. But the problem is that these guys are committed, not ready for social life. In relations with girls, they are full laymen.

About the relationship, even speech can not go, because a conversation with a girl for them is already too serious. And the whole situation changes after a nice young girl named Penny starts to rent an apartment next to the guys.

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 2

Air Date: September 24, 2007

Penny girl enters a new apartment and meets with her neighbors and their buddies.

The guys are engaged in science, they are smart and promising, but at the same time absolutely not adapted to ordinary life, faced with everyday problems, they are not ready for them and do not know how to solve them, it is easier for them to conduct a series of experiments, make a discovery, prove next theorem.

Also remains unsettled in these guys and personal life, the matter is that the difficulties in dealing with the female sex. Young scientists do not know how to meet a girl, invite to a date and talk to her about something to arouse interest. Not really about science …

Trailer The Big Bang Theory season 1

Scenes The Big Bang Theory season 1