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  • 8.0 (based on 168 115 user ratings)
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 7: October 04, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 7
  • Created By: Jon Bokenkamp
James Spader
James Spader
Megan Boone
Megan Boone
Harry Lennix
Harry Lennix
Diego Klattenhoff
Diego Klattenhoff
Amir Arison
Amir Arison
Hisham Tawfiq
Hisham Tawfiq


Download the Blacklist for free right now and start the journey through the world of intrigues and plots occurring in the dark universe where powerful criminals and all-mighty special forces clash questing for more power.

The main protagonist of the show often looks like antagonist. He is a charming mysterious criminal with connections all over the globe. His agenda is an absolute secret that is not revealed to even his closest dearest friends. His enemies are some of the most dangerous mob lords and killers who will never stop until dealt with.

Every single character development bit is a treat to watch and every dialogue is delivered brilliantly with amazing timing.

The story follows an intricate intense relationship between Ed Reddington and his protégé from the FBI. An incredibly strange string of events unravels dark mysteries in the past of our heroes. Some of them are driven by their mistakes made many years ago. Some have unclear motivation and questionable moral codes. The plot is thicker than an elephant and the action is worthy of a full length feature film.

Make yourself comfortable and watch one of the best political detectives full of dark reveals and murders of the recent time.

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Air Date: October 04, 2019

Raymond Reddington is a dangerous type. This person is one of the most wanted criminals in the whole world. FBI agents hunt for this man, believing that it is he who runs the entire criminal sphere. However, besides Reddington, there are other authorities who, alas, even fade against his background.

True, the most unexpected turn is taking place, which the representatives of the federal bureau could least expect: Raymond himself decides to surrender to the authorities, believing that he can help police and agents in tracing and catching other criminals.

It just so happened that Reddington decides to make a deal: while he helps with investigations, no one dares to send him to jail. True, he has one condition that the feds must comply with: the character in all matters will be helped by the inexperienced and young Elizabeth Keane, who recently joined the FBI.

A strange choice should obviously be justified by something, but so far for everyone it’s a mystery what exactly is Reddington’s idea. What will be next? The seventh season promises to continue this amazing and confusing story! Enjoy all the fans of the genre!

Trailer The Blacklist season 7

Air Date: January 03, 2019

The Blacklist season 6 is surely one of the most anticipated seasons of television from NBC.

While many believe that the quality of the show dipped due to the heavy plot armor worn by all characters of the show, we still love how Red handles sticky situations.

Reddington will once again surprise you with his wittiness and ability to solve problems even without immense resources behind his back. He is the genius of the criminal world and knows his ways with both the underworld and law enforcement. His will and desire to protect his loved ones and the conspiracy that threatens the whole world and everyone he knows will make this season particularly spicy!

The Blacklist season 6 is a perfect piece of television due to its amazing storytelling and character development. Our beloved heroes have changed and the events of the previous seasons make them vulnerable yet allow them to be stronger at the same time.

Our heroes will do everything in their powers to save the world around them!

The procedural nature of the show did not change and the narrative structure also reminds of what we have already seen in previous seasons. However, many people would consider it a benefit!

If you are looking for a good detective show to watch online, download all episodes of this TV show!

Trailer The Blacklist season 6

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Air Date: September 27, 2017

We present to your attention the next season of an exciting crime series with elements of a detective story.

Recall that in the center of the story is one Raymond Reddington – a man who was once persecuted by representatives of various special services of America.

In the first part, he suddenly came to the FBI employees voluntarily to surrender in exchange for freedom and immunity. It sounds funny, but over the years of cooperation with the most wanted criminals, Raymond managed to find out a lot of secrets.

Now we know almost everything about a man, including the fact that Elizabeth Keane – the girl with whom he once rushed to work – is his daughter.

At the beginning of the fifth season of the Blacklist, the Reddington remains without its criminal empire, which collapses after the death of Mr. Kaplan. As a result, the man decides to join forces with Elizabeth to build a new empire on the ruins.

Donald Ressler finds himself in an extremely unpleasant situation after it turns out that Laurel Hitchin died. The passion between Aram and Samar is heating up, and Tom Keen is back with mysterious documents …

Trailer The Blacklist season 5

Air Date: September 22, 2016

The Blacklist Season 4 keeps us curious about the pivotal question of this TV show. Undoubtedly, we all desperately desire to discover the true identity of Liz. Her mysterious father is a phantom and his shadowy figure keeps appearing randomly. Seldom, it gives us a hope that we are soon to discover his identity.

However, the obscurity is still here and the mist in front of us is virtuously weaved by the script writers.

Now, Alexander Kirk appeared from seemingly nowhere. His presence was seamlessly braided in the fabric of the plot, but his sudden entrance was rather shocking to many viewers.

Imagine how astounded Reddington was when he faced one of the toughest enemies up to date. Red needs to find the way to save Liz from inevitable dangers, but it seems nearly impossible with a new whirlwind of quarrels between him and her winding up.

Major powers in this world are about to collide once more. With many influential figures moved from the board, Reddington finds himself is a position where he needs protection possibly more than Liz.

Trailer The Blacklist season 4

Air Date: October 01, 2015

Elizabeth Keane never thought that she herself would be on the Black Llist. Now Liz is looking for her own team and she must run and hide.

Husband Liz – Thomas tries to prove her innocence to her and is busy saving his wife. Keen has to go through a lot of difficulties with Red, before she can escape and prove her innocence to the killings, but the path to the FBI is closed to her forever.

Reddington manages to prove his value to the government and now he is above suspicion, which means he can continue his work in a joint working group. They face the task of finding more than a dozen of the most notorious bastards on the planet. At the same time, most of Red’s actions are directed not at the benefit of society, because he always has his own interest. Elizabeth now has to get used to a quiet and peaceful life.

Trailer The Blacklist season 3

Air Date: September 22, 2014

The story continues of how former agent Raymond Reddington, who had been involved in many criminal deals, wanted by the FBI officers, suddenly came to the Federal Bureau.

The man struck everyone by saying that he would take part in capturing the most cunning and elusive criminals with the condition that he would be given a young employee Elizabeth Keane as his partner.

Of course, the FBI agents understand that clever Red – as Raymond was nicknamed – started some obscure but profitable game for them. Because of the help they need, agency staff agree to this dubious deal.

When watching the “Black List” series, the viewer, of course, raises questions: what moves Raymond, why he chose Elizabeth, why he tries so hard to make her a highly professional detective, can he achieve this? These questions and the stunning energy inherent in each episode of the second season, makes it extremely exciting and exciting.

Trailer The Blacklist season 2

Air Date: September 23, 2013

For a long time, the FBI was looking for former government agent Raymond Reddington, nicknamed Red, but all was unsuccessful. Red, known as the Crime Concierge, participated in illegal transactions along with various criminals from around the world.

The Blacklist multi-part thriller tells how Reddington voluntarily comes to the FBI and puts a discouraging condition: if Elizabeth Keane is given to him as his partner, he will catch the very dangerous terrorist Ranko Zamani.

Elizabeth has just become an employee of the FBI, she is young and very inexperienced, but, of course, this strange condition is accepted.

For Liz, hellish working days begin, consisting of a solid race for a terrorist. But why did Raymond choose Elizabeth, what secret is hidden here?

Red has a list of bandits, spies, politicians and international terrorists, and he promises to catch all these dangerous criminals if Keane will continue to be his partner. Red, apparently, is going to teach Elizabeth all the professional wisdom of a detective, for example, to think and imagine the situation that the criminal himself sees her.

Trailer The Blacklist season 1