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The Detour

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  • 7.7 (based on 5 429 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: June 18, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Jason Jones, Samantha Bee
Jason Jones
Jason Jones
Natalie Zea
Natalie Zea
Ashley Gerasimovich
Ashley Gerasimovich
Liam Carroll
Liam Carroll


TV show The Detour manages to make you laugh and sympathize with characters at the same time. Our main heroes are not blessed angles in flesh. They are flawed human beings who find themselves in a very intricate pickle.

The main heroine is a woman who stepped way too far out of her comfort zone and decided to play a game of cat and mouse with crime and law. However, she is a loving mom and she needs to flee while preserving a good image of her family. This means that her next vacation will have a huge detour. This is the main premise of the series about a woman who lost her own way and her family that now must run from criminals and law.

TV show The Detour is a brilliant comedy warmly welcomed by both critics and viewers who wanted to see something fresh and interesting. There are many interesting developments that will surely catch your eyes. A lot of good witty humor with occasional physical humor will most surely turn every single episode in a joy to watch.

If you want to see something outstanding and laugh together with characters at their mishaps. Download episodes of The Detour in AVI, MPEG, and MP4 and enjoy hilarious misadventures of our heroes on their weird vacations each turning in to a road trip story.

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Air Date: June 18, 2019

The main characters of this funny series are representatives of a simple American Johns family. Bee and Jason met long ago, and their meeting almost turned into a full-fledged conflict. True, the heroes still managed to find a common language and become a really strong family, however, the characters start controversy and conflicts, and not being shy, the characters start at any convenient time, showering each other with unflattering expressions.

True, the couple already have a son who has grown up and is trying to be independent: so far unsuccessfully, because the guy manages to take his father’s car and turn it into a pile of metal.

Jason is quite happy with everything: his baby grows and sometimes asks very correct questions. Soon the boy decides to ask the father about where the children come from. The man decides not to hide all the details from his son, so he tells everything that he himself knows.

Heart-to-heart communication sometimes goes very far, but Jason tries to reduce such conversations to an early conclusion, because being serious is mortal boredom, and to feel like a typical jerk, as is usually the case, what the doctor prescribed!

Trailer The Detour season 4

Air Date: January 23, 2018

The Detour season 3 keeps the story rolling and introduces more and more weird strange characters. The family in question is a bunch of people who live a normal life but have a very weird fate. All four of them are caught in a series of circumstances so unexpected that they are all truly shocked yet managed to keep their composure to some degree.

This time, the story starts as they run away from the FBI after a weirdo helped them. They manage to get away and settle somewhere in a snowy area to keep below enemy radars. Their decision could not be more stupid.

The Detour season 3 brings with it yet another colorful adventure where all characters are getting into a hysterically awkward and weird situation after a series of unfortunate events.

You will love every single second of this season as our heroes are once again forced to act abnormally. Children are going through puberty and all related to it problems while their parents are desperately trying to fit in and learn how to survive in conditions that they have never been in. An amazing comedy with a fresh premise that managed to gather a lot of attention and praise from critics. Download it immediately and enjoy jokes and all the fun stuff!

Trailer The Detour season 3

Scenes The Detour season 3

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Air Date: February 21, 2017

The new second season of the project “The Detour” did not take long to wait. The project showed decent results, which made it necessary to extend the multi-serial story about the Johnson family for the second season. The main characters lived in Florida. They have two children.

However, they are tired of the boring routine life, so the heroes decided to go on a long journey! The path is not easy, but the heroes are always optimistic – they believe in themselves, and their path favors them. It seems that there is a long road ahead of them, full of interesting discoveries. Heroes are inspired by the road, but soon they realize that there will be more problems on the way than positive moments!

Trailer The Detour season 2

Scenes The Detour season 2

Air Date: April 11, 2016

We present to your attention one of the long-awaited April premieres of this year. The comedy genre project tells us a story about a small family with two children who decided to go on a long journey from their native home straight to Florida.

The path is not easy, but the heroes are always optimistic – they believe in themselves, and their path favors them. It seems that there is a long road ahead of them, full of interesting discoveries. However, the trip is not so successful! Soon, a positive attitude is replaced by decadent feelings, because the heroes are beginning to pursue failures … one after another. And there is no end of them!

Trailer The Detour season 1

Scenes The Detour season 1