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  • 8.4 (based on 76 487 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4:
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby
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Steven Strait
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Download The Expanse now and dive into one of the most interesting Sci-Fi worlds of the recent time. Worldbuilding was one of key focuses of the whole creative team behind this amazing TV show and many people praised this series for having a very intricate plot with lots of opportunities for growth and development. Over the course of several years, the show managed to develop its own unique style and turn into a very satisfying experience for all Sci-Fi fans out there. The premise was quite simple but it transformed into a very compelling narrative with exciting action and quite interesting characters.

The production value is not the main selling point of this series. It wants to be an attraction full of great discoveries and little neat details that would enrich the world. With truly interesting inventive storytelling methods and tricks, this series desperately fights for the attention of the audience by combining good plot with talented actors and creating a mysterious conflict involving a huge conspiracy and secrets held by both the government and all parties. If you are looking for a wild ride through the world of science fiction, this series will completely satisfy you.

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The crew of the spacecraft “Rosinant” plowing spaces of space in the hope of stopping the impending war between the representatives of the Earth, Mars and the Belt of Asteroids. The scientific discovery made in the laboratories of Jules-Pierre Mao was out of control, the result of crossing the protomolecule with the human body showed that the alien substance completely turns homo sapiens into an aggressive, bio-robot – killer, which members of the Rossi team unexpectedly experienced.

None of the scientists really knows what she can do, but all sides of the alliance want to take possession of this incomprehensible weapon. The space fleet of all the participants of the powers rushed to Venus, any shot would be perceived as the beginning to the hostilities.

“Rosinant” takes on board two inhabitants of a racing yacht. One of them is the wounded Mrs. Avasarala, the other is a Martian sergeant Dreper. The UN Deputy Secretary General told James Holden about her failed mission in negotiations with Jules-Pierre Mao and the betrayal of her deputy, but Crisien Avasarala still doesn’t know that for the Secretary-General an acquittal is already being written that is starting a war of annihilation in space.

The first losses in the series “Space”, suffered the Earth, from a single Martian rocket killed many people. Mrs. Avasarala sends a message to Earth in which she reveals the name of the culprit of the latest events, who manipulated the UN secretary-general, but many military leaders perceive the information for the tactical move and do not believe what they see, the UN ships opened fire on each other.

Feeling threatened by the laboratory of Jules-Pierre Mao on Io, Dr. Strickland releases capsules with a protomolecule, which is scattered throughout space and falls into the compartments of the ships, infecting people. A team with “Rossi” breaks through into the lab compartments, where it finds and releases children prepared for experiments with the proto-molecule. Arriving on Earth, Crisien Avasarala makes an official statement in which he calls on all people living on Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt to unite in the face of an unknown threat – the proto-molecule.

Meanwhile, in the vastness of the universe, a huge ring is being built, the proto-molecule found in the depths of Phoebe, transformed on Eros both organic and inorganic compounds into some sort of inertialess rocket, after falling on Venus, she went into space and formed a ring. This is a super power mind, but what?

With the approach of “Rosinanta” to the ring, James Holden begins to see a bright hallucination in the form of Joseph Miller. The detective who died on Venus, along with Julia Mao, talks in riddles and pushes Captain “Rossi” to strange actions. No one else sees him, James begins to doubt his adequacy. Leaving from under the shelling of “Rosinant” at the prompting of Miller, drops speed and enters the ring, Holden leaves the ship. They are followed by a fleet of Martians and a huge ship “Behemoth” SVP.

All ships that have entered the ring fall into the viscous space, like flies in molasses. The speed slows down sharply and quickly, there are many wounded and dead on board. “Hippopotamus” takes all the victims to themselves, supplies of food and weapons are limited and people try to survive together, but the ring does not let them go. What happens next is not clear, the management of the SVP ship takes one wrong decision one after another. The vision of Miller again visits Holden, the detective transmits the message and James voices him for everyone. In his opinion, people should show the proto-molecule that there is no threat, since it considers the ships of people as bombs to stop all reactors on all ships.

After a brief struggle between opponents of the development of different versions of events, Holden’s comrades succeed in stopping all reactors and the prediction comes true. The ships are free to leave the ring, mankind is saved, and in the realm there are many wormholes – these are the passages to other worlds, 1300 liveable systems. How will humanity take advantage of such a gift?

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Air Date: April 11, 2018

In the 3rd season of Expanse we can see how a mankind is gradually destroying its planet, which leads to its extinction, because the natural resources are exhausted and that is why people have no any possibility to survive in so difficult conditions. Now they are forced to go out into space to find a new home on another planet. Their government decides that it is necessary to colonize Mars, because this planet has suitable conditions for people’s lives. However, Mars is not empty, it is already inhabited by its citizens. The authorities know this fact, but they decide to claim their territory. There is no other way to solve this hard problem. They understand that their life depends only on their actions.

In the 3rd season of Expanse we learn that an ordinary people are not aware of the presence of aliens yet. They want to hope that their future colonization of Red planet will pass quietly and everyone will find a place for himself and his family in the new world. People are only waiting for the government to give a command about the resettlement of earthlings, and they will go on a spacecraft to a different and new life. While the most important issues are being dealt with at the top, the experienced detective Miller lives his ordinary work days, revealing one thing after another. But now he is working on a very strange incident. At one of the space stations a young girl disappears without a trace. Unexpectedly, Miller goes on the traces of aliens. Will he find her? What will be the end of this fantastic and incredible story? Sit back and watch! This episode promises to be real outstanding and tremendous! All the special effects make an unforgettable impression.

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Air Date: February 01, 2017

The Expanse Season 2 will bring us the continuation of the TV show that definitely deserves more attention from Sci-Fi fans. The show has been a massive success with its great casting, original storytelling, and interesting design choices. Now, they decided to continue the journey and even made the season longer adding 3 more episodes.
The previous season left us questioning lots of things about the universe of the Expanse. The clouds are getting heavier above our heroes who uncovered a shocking truth about the world around them. The Solar System is not as peaceful and calm as they thought. The whole union of planets is about to be destroyed by people who crave for power.
Holden and Miller are suffering from radiation and diseases, but hey managed to discover even more frightening secrets about the conspiracy. The reach of their enemies may be even larger than they thought. With nearly endless financial resources and sophisticated technology, their enemies are plotting against the whole Solar System and want to create an infection that could wipe out lots of people.
The stakes become higher and higher with each consecutive episode. Our heroes will face even more dangers and tougher enemies on their journey to the ultimate truth about the origins of the conspiracy.

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Air Date: December 14, 2015

Two hundred years is not such a long time for the picturesque planet Earth, but for the progress of progress and the introduction of new technologies into operation, this is a whole eternity providing great opportunities. Only two hundred years separates humanity, which became the head of the detective fiction series “Space” 1 season online, from a completely incredible reality, which by that time would be the most mundane, gray and absolutely not surprising. After this period, people will find the possibility of colonization of the planets of the solar system and will, as at present, take minibuses, trains and buses, jump into space ships and fly wherever they look. Awesome opportunities are terrific criminals and criminal geniuses, whose cunning also has more than improved over the centuries.

Detective Miller is one of those people in the SyFy Space series online who were lucky enough to live at this incredible time, of the taming of the cosmos by earthlings. The peculiarities of his personality and character are such that he will not leave the criminal without punishment and will go to the last, for the sake of justice. Shabby life, but an experienced policeman, begins to engage in a new investigation, the essence of which is tied to the disappearance of a certain woman. The captain of a spacecraft by the name of Holden is determined to help him find evidence and the perpetrators. While traveling through the universe on a starship, they are confronted with extraordinary plans of especially dangerous villains, in whose head evil plans for the destruction and enslavement of all the inhabitants of the Earth are. Miller with Holden, not forgetting the original mission, plunged into another – the disclosure and elimination of the villains who conceived one of the most sassy and grandiose conspiracies against the earthlings that exist to this day.

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Scenes The Expanse season 1