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The Good Fight

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  • 8.3 (based on 16 240 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3: March 14, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Phil Alden Robinson, Michelle King, Robert King
Christine Baranski
Christine Baranski
Cush Jumbo
Cush Jumbo
Rose Leslie
Rose Leslie
Delroy Lindo
Delroy Lindo


This fascinating American political drama series is a long-awaited spin-off of the famous and already established cult story called The Good Wife. In the center of intense events is the main character named Diana Lockhart.

A successful businesswoman is squeezed out of her home company after a huge scandal involving unthinkable large-scale fraud destroys the reputation of her favorite godchild named Maya, and deprives the heroine of all the savings earned by overwork.

This whole monstrous situation leads them to a girl named Lucca Quinn. Women become part of her team of professionals in one of the most successful and distinguished law firms in Chicago …

Intrigue, betrayal, scandals and dirty political games – all this is mixed up, forming a very tough and dangerous cocktail. Experienced women will have to take on familiar work with new strength in order to get back on their feet and prove to the whole world that they are strong, independent and able to stand up for themselves.

Their keen intelligence allows them to win constant victories over serious opponents, and an iron grip makes these business sharks almost invulnerable …

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Air Date: March 14, 2019

The main heroine of the series – Diana Lockhart. This woman has run her business for a long time, but soon her success came to an end. Diana Lockhart dreamed that the nightmarish events would stop pestering her, because of the financial fraud the heroine has to say goodbye to all of her savings.

Of course, she has nothing left but to leave her own firm. Diana Maya’s daughter also does not succeed in her profession. She is an excellent young lawyer who cannot realize herself.

Who would have thought that mother and daughter would decide to unite in search of a new happiness. The main characters get a second chance from fate, so they decide to take advantage of it.

Women dream of doing things they love, and suddenly Lucca Queen’s firm turned out to be great for a renewed career. Who knows what promises them entry into a new position. The main characters believe in the best and are ready to fight for each other’s happy future.

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Air Date: March 04, 2018

In the 2nd season of The Good fight we can meet Diane Lockhart . She is a woman who experiences a nightmarish. She was once rich and successful, but now the main heroine has to think about every penny. She was robbed by some kind of financial schemer, who had long been embarrassed by the state of this girl.

Diana decides to leave her own law firm and start a new life, trying to make money by any possible means. It’s a shame for her to leave a place, the name of which even recalls the past. “Lockhart and Lee” was a well-known and successful company, however, the dark times also affected it. There is a godmother daughter of the main heroine – Maya on the other side of the plot. She also works in the legal field.

In the 2nd season of The Good fight a young lawyer is making progress, but at the same time, all the relations with the authorities are very tense. Both heroines are looking for a new job, which could bring not only money, but also a pleasure and satisfaction of their position. Fate gives girls a unique chance! They stumble upon the firm of Lucca Quinn.

She gladly accepts the applicants together, hoping that their previous experience will make the results. Let’s see what happens to the girls in the new field. Sit back comfortably and watch! This season promises to be really interesting!

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Air Date: February 19, 2017

“The Good Fight” is a new series about the hard life and amazing fate of Diane Lockhart. Who would have thought that this girl would become a victim of fraud and lose all the money to the last penny.

Diana has to leave her favorite company, quit her job, which she has devoted all her life. We have to survive in a new way. In addition, her goddaughter also has problems.

Maya, despite becoming a lawyer, is still experiencing problems in her profession. Fate makes her constantly make difficult choices that lead to irreparable mistakes. In addition, the heroines soon brings fate and leads them to the company Lucca Queen. Women decide to stay there.

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