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  • 6.3 (based on 3 182 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: September 23, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Jim Reynolds
Cedric the Entertainer
Cedric the Entertainer
Max Greenfield
Max Greenfield
Sheaun McKinney
Sheaun McKinney
Tichina Arnold
Tichina Arnold
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Marcel Spears
Beth Behrs
Beth Behrs
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Hank Greenspan


Dave lives quietly in his small house and works in an unusual field: he is a specialist in conflict resolution. The character’s language is simply amazingly suspended, and knowledge of diplomatic communication and the psychology of people allows him to make the most of any audience.

True, he will not have long to live in the Midwest, because soon his family will move to Los Angeles, where he will have to get used to new people, new circumstances and new problems.

Let’s see what the search for a new job will turn out for Dave, as well as relationships with newly-minted neighbors who turn out to be very unusual people and defy the tricks of an experienced conflict expert.

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Air Date: September 23, 2019

The series “Neighborhood” is one of the best comedy stories for today. The authors suggest that we plunge into the fascinating atmosphere of family relations. Dave is a simple guy who lives somewhere in the west of the country. Here he has everything: both his home and his favorite work. The main character has excellent diplomatic negotiation skills.

Everything else, a man is very attentive to nature. He is probably one of the few who, being a specialist in conflict resolution, is so attentive to the environment. This love is not shared by everyone, but the man in this matter is extremely serious in such matters. He decides to go with his relatives to a new place of residence.

As it turned out, Los Angeles is an ideal place. In addition, everything in the suburbs is very cool and incredibly interesting. Dave tries to maintain good relations with his neighbors, using the skills of an excellent diplomat. True, he does not realize that they have completely non-standard morals and moral values ​​that can unsettle the main character.

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Air Date: October 01, 2018

Dave Johnson is a good-natured professional conflict resolution negotiator. He is a very calm and friendly person, and his professional knowledge of psychology and the ability to communicate diplomatically with people help Dave get out of any, most insoluble situation for the benefit of himself and others.

A man lives with his wife and little son Grover in Michigan, in the Midwest, and did not even think that they would soon have to change this quiet place due to the fact that Gemma, his wife would be promoted. She was offered the position of director of an educational institution in Los Angeles. After a brief conversation, it was decided to move to the place of new work Gemma.

The hero of Neighborhood did not assume that in Los Angeles, where they now have to live in a new dream house and work, they are in a completely different society, radically different from their peaceful and calm town. Of course, the first impression of the new place was the most favorable for them, and Grover even said that the area looks “cool” and you need to tell your grandmother so that she stops worrying about the move. And my grandmother (Dave’s mother) was worried because they were “white” and moved to an area where mostly “black” people lived, and all because her son and daughter-in-law had financial problems. At first, Dave did not see this as a problem at all, since he was sure that he could establish relations with everyone, regardless of their skin color.

Meanwhile, their new neighbors, in particular, Calvin Butler, who owns his own car repair shop, were very wary of the newcomers who came to their area. He is confident that the Johnsons will violate them, an established culture worthy of all respect. But Calvin’s wife, Tina, very friendly greeted the new neighbors and even invited to a barbecue, despite the dissatisfaction of her husband. So, with a little hostility, Johnson’s life began in a new place, but Dave will have to make a lot of efforts to break the stubbornness and prejudice of the head of the Butler family, Calvin, who does not want to make any rapprochement and in every way opposes their desire to establish relations with Black neighbors …

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