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  • 7.5 (based on 4 587 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 2: April 27, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 2
  • Created By: Philippe Meyer, Lee Shipman, Brian McGreevy
Pierce Brosnan
Pierce Brosnan
Carlos Bardem
Carlos Bardem
James Parks
James Parks


McColough is a family living in Texas. These people have a very solid family history. About them the story in this project also will go. Against the background of family relations, the present formation of the state sovereignty of the United States of America takes place.

The country is gradually taking a leading position. Americans are becoming part of the world, taking leading positions in politics, economics and other areas. In Texas, there is a real oil boom.

It is he who brings great income to the head of the McCullough family. However, this business does not always bring positive results. But there is still a lot of work ahead …

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Air Date: April 27, 2019

The second season of the series “Son” continues the story about the history of the McCullough family. The main characters live in a small settlement in Texas. Characters are the focus of the plot in one of the most difficult periods in the history of the United States of America.

The main characters have to be one of the most important cogs of the state progress movement. America is gaining momentum, becoming one of the most stable countries in the world in economic and social matters. International relations are also reaching special heights, but inside the country is still not as calm as one might imagine.

In Texas, a serious struggle for oil is unfolding. The growth in the number of companies for the extraction of this raw material accelerated the development of the whole state, but created a real ruthless competition in the state, during which representatives of various firms could go to extreme measures.

The McCullough family with its head Eli is trying to get along in this tough and unjust world of struggle for black gold. Of course, your business is a huge responsibility that Eli has been trying to take from a very young age. Perhaps his success is just around the corner. Perhaps still ahead.

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Air Date: April 08, 2017

The series “The Son” is a screen adaptation of the acclaimed bestseller of the young and already quite scandalously famous American writer Philip Meyer. His new novel, which he wrote for five years, was enthusiastically accepted by critics and the public, immediately taking the top lines of various literary ratings, and from there migrating to numerous short lists of prestigious literature awards this year. The ideological basis of the novel was the author’s desire to find out the origins of such a phenomenon as the American dream, the American myth. After all, it was on the American myth that the statehood of this new territorial entity was built, from which, in turn, rose the political monster of the modern imperial ambitions of this relatively young superpower.

Certainly, having set such tasks for himself, the author worked conscientiously for several years, having worked a huge amount of historical material, which ultimately led him to create an epic saga in the spirit of such European counterparts as The Gorsoorh Saga, tried to understand the same issues of the formation of the bourgeois-imperial ideology of Great Britain in the late 19th century, or the historical epic “Buddenbrooks. The story of the death of one family “Thomas Mann. Now, probably, it was the turn of a global understanding of its history and the origins of the psychological type of Americans.

The center of the story in the new series from AMC The Son 2017 online is the American family for its three generations. The birth of this clan was initiated by the birth in March 1836 of a boy whose name was Eli McCullough. It was the first boy born in the newly formed Republic of Texas. When he was thirteen years old, in the spring of 1849, Comanche attacked their home. They killed the whole family, and Eli was kidnapped, taking with them. Surviving, the boy very quickly adapted among the Indians, who became his new family, and took over all their habits and demeanor, customs and beliefs. He was brave and quick-witted, quickly learned everything he saw around him, but, having come to the Indians as a rather big boy, almost a teenager, he practically forgot nothing from his past life. Thus, Eli seemed to be suspended between two worlds with their different civilizational values, one of which was a thing of the past, driven out by the second, aggressively advancing and merciless. And in this kaleidoscope of successive events, in which there were so many adventures, dramas, tragedies, the young and growing up young people have to look for their place under the sun.

Then the events in the series are transferred to the year 1915, and the story of the son of Eli Piter MacCallow. He is completely different from his hard and not knowing compromises and barriers to the goal to his father. Peter prefers action and reflection and contemplation, it’s good that he can afford to reflect on the feeling of guilt for what happens around him when people are ready to cut their throats for profit, by the way, his father left him a rather large state. mental features that are adopted from the Indians But weak, incapable of action, Peter does not at all fit into the values ​​of his assertive and brutal era in which only the right of the strong is valued.

The third representative of the McCullough family, referred to in The Son 1 TV series, is already living in the mid-20th century. This Ginny McCullough is the worthy heir of her ancestor Eli. The staunch and tough owner of one of the richest economic empires in Texas, she heads a very powerful oil company. She lives in a world of huge profits, and therefore in the mode of high-speed reactions to events, political news. She knows only the cold calculation and the desire for profit, but at a different level than her ancestor.

Through the prism of the history of this American family, in which there is everything – and passion, and trials, and collapse, and success in the series before the eyes of the audience passes the whole story of the creation and development of such a powerful American state like Texas, which in turn is a similar prism for the whole country. The series covers a period of more than a hundred years, which are full of adventure, blood, tears, love, courage and tenderness.

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