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  • 8.3 (based on 806 988 user ratings)
  • Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 10: October 06, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 10
  • Created By: Frank Darabont
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus
Danai Gurira
Danai Gurira
Melissa McBride
Melissa McBride
Christian Serratos
Christian Serratos
Josh McDermitt
Josh McDermitt
Seth Gilliam
Seth Gilliam
Ross Marquand
Ross Marquand
Khary Payton
Khary Payton
Ryan Hurst
Ryan Hurst
Samantha Morton
Samantha Morton
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan


The project tells the story of a zombie apocalypse that changed the face of the Earth and turned humanity into an endangered species. Who would have thought that in front of the survivors there is not hope and salvation, but a slow death from the rising wave of the walking dead, eager to devour those who are still alive.

The focus of the plot is Rick Grimes and his group. Rick was once a policeman, but now he has to lead a team of survivors in order to hold out for as long as possible. What will turn the ninth season for him and other characters? Soon find out.

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Air Date: October 06, 2019

The world will never be the same. He is filled with eternally hungry and cruel creatures. It would seem that they are not so fast, ordinary blood continues to flow through their veins, but in the heart and soul – cold and cruelty. And it’s not about those zombies that are on the streets of cities and in endless fields after the apocalypse, but about people who continue to survive, substituting each other, fighting against opposing groups and gangs, recapturing the territory and committing murders.

In a world where, it would seem, man has no place left, cruelty and anger continue to dominate. The main characters are a small group of survivors who traveled half of America, but could not find shelter. What will be next? Will the main characters survive this nightmare? Or are they already dead?

Trailer The Walking Dead season 10

Scenes The Walking Dead season 10

Air Date: October 07, 2018

The Walking Dead season 9 will tell us about the continuation of Rick Grimes story. Our main hero is a former police sheriff, who travels with his beloved son Karl and a group of like-minded people in post-apocalyptic America, occupied by zombies.

Maggie will have a baby. She really wants to become a mother and does everything possible to make her child healthy. Will she be able to do it?

Rick begins an active and aggressive fight against Nigan. How will their long feud end? Who will be the winner in this cruel battle?
Eugene betrays the saviors and returns to the camp. Now he thinks only about own survival.

The Walking Dead season 9 will show our favorite heroine – Judith. Now she is a young and very beautiful girl with an attractive appearance and good parenting.

At the end of the charitable story Dwight moves to the side of his enemies and begins to fight there.

Someone from the basic plot dies and rises again. Who exactly? The season 9 will tell us about it in detail. Sit back comfortably and watch it just now. It promises to be really outstanding and amazing. Moreover, season is very unpredictable as the previous 8 parts, so we can learn a lot of new things about the protagonists. We also hope for further plot development.

Trailer The Walking Dead season 9

Scenes The Walking Dead season 9

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Air Date: October 22, 2017

Devastated streets. Blood is everywhere. A complete feeling of helplessness and doom. Most likely, this is the first thing that the main character of this series, Rick Grimes, saw and felt when he woke up after being wounded in the hospital. During the service, he received a serious wound in a shootout, after which he went for treatment, remaining close to death.

It would seem that Rick, who has not yet fully recovered and is still bleeding, can become a new easy victim for the newly minted inhabitants of the Earth. The main character goes out and understands that a zombie apocalypse has begun. People turned into the walking dead, who are only interested in the survival instinct by satisfying hunger.

The only suitable food for them are living people who have to seek shelter and hide from bloodthirsty creatures. Who would have thought that Rick would find the strength to fight. He goes in search of relatives.

On the way, he stumbles upon a man with a child who helps Grimes find the right path. Soon he finds himself in a huge city that is literally teeming with monsters. However, by the end of the day, Grimes enters a small group of survivors, where his relatives and friends find themselves. What will be next?

Trailer The Walking Dead season 8

Scenes The Walking Dead season 8

Air Date: October 23, 2016

A monstrous epidemic has spread all over the planet, people are turning into zombies and it seems that it is impossible to stop the spread of the virus. In the center of the plot is the sheriff and his family.

Rick Grimes, with his family and several other people, is trying to find a place where they would be safe and without zombies getting to them. Every day the atmosphere is heating up, people are tired of the panic fear that seizes them, they lose the remnants of common sense, they begin to manage instincts.

Rick wants to protect his family from the zombies, but he realizes that evil comes not only from the dead, who flooded the planet, but also from people who experience fear and despair and it is unknown who is more dangerous …

Trailer The Walking Dead season 7

Scenes The Walking Dead season 7

Air Date: October 11, 2015

The story of Rick Grimes continues in the sixth season of the Walking Dead. He used to work as a sheriff. Unfortunately, he, like many others, was not spared a global catastrophe. Zombies flooded the entire planet. Now Rick and his family have no choice but to fight for their lives, destroying crowds of people infected.

Every day there is a struggle for survival, a kind of natural selection. Constant stress, the search for food and murder have a strong impact on the characters of the characters. They are becoming more violent, almost like wild beasts. Sometimes it’s not the zombies that appear to be the scariest and most inhuman beings, but the people themselves.

The sheriff is worried about his family, afraid of losing relatives. Often it occurred to him that it was far from luck or luck to stay alive among the crowds of the dead.

Trailer The Walking Dead season 6

Scenes The Walking Dead season 6

Air Date: October 12, 2014

Are you ready for the new season of the cult drama about the zombie apocalypse? The epidemic has already reached earthly proportions, and small groups of survivors continue to desperately fight for life. Sheriff Rick Grimes went through a lot of difficult days, because he got into this hell right from the hospital bed. Now he leads a small group, which consists of his family.

These people travel through forests and fields, looking for food and a safe place to live. Every day, heroes lurk fear of death, because the group constantly suffers huge losses. Against the backdrop of all the horror that is happening around, in the group there are real manifestations of human feelings and emotions.

It is by him that one can understand that life after the apocalypse is possible. But this life can interrupt only one bite. Rick is trying to save his family, trying to protect all loved ones from the dead, who senselessly roam the Earth. The main thing for the characters that they do not become part of these monsters. And it’s not only about the fear of a painful death, but the fact is that everyone is afraid of losing humanity.

Over the four full seasons, The Walking Dead proved that they are not only horror, but also excellent drama and tragedy that excite people’s hearts and make them live in unison with the heroes of this story. The new fifth season is just around the corner. Be sure to watch it on the seasonvar site!

Trailer The Walking Dead season 5

Scenes The Walking Dead season 5

Air Date: October 13, 2013

The main hero of the Walking Dead is Sheriff Rick Grimes, who along with his family and a few other people set off on a long journey hoping to find a safe place to live.

The reason for this was the “zombie” epidemic that swept the globe. But, being in constant fear for their own lives, people begin to act in a completely different way than in their usual situation, showing the depth of their cruelty.

Saving his family, Rick begins to understand that the fear of those who managed to escape from the zombies is much more dangerous than the stray dead.

Trailer The Walking Dead season 4

Scenes The Walking Dead season 4

Air Date: October 14, 2012

A terrible catastrophe is approaching Earth – zombies are gradually conquering the world. Rick Grimes, who works as a sheriff, is forced to flee his hometown with his family in search of a safe haven.

Every day they have to face not only crowds of the walking dead, but also the cruelty of living people. And sometimes this cruelty and fear of zombies become much worse than meeting stray horror …

Trailer The Walking Dead season 3

Scenes The Walking Dead season 3

Air Date: October 16, 2011

Who are they the walking dead? People or brain-eating monsters? People doomed to death. Now, it is necessary to find out whether they will remain themselves in the created horror.

In the storyline is a story about the daily life of a simple sheriff’s family, who survived with the whole world a monstrous epidemic of biblical proportions. This world is conquered by hordes of various zombies.

The sheriff’s family and the rest of the survivors began to lead a nomadic lifestyle and look for a place for safe living. Constantly waiting for death leads people to bitter losses and makes them feel deep human hatred.

Trying to save his relatives, the sheriff came to the conclusion that the overwhelming horror of the survivors is much more dangerous than the threat from unwilling living corpses.

Trailer The Walking Dead season 2

Scenes The Walking Dead season 2

Air Date: October 31, 2010

Rick Greime served in the local police when he was seriously wounded and was taken to hospital in an unconscious state. The main character wakes up after a few days off. Nobody around. He is alone in a quiet ward. We have to get rid of the shackles of droppers and other life-supporting devices.

The injury still makes itself felt, but the main character takes the first steps after waking up. The streets of his hometown, as well as the hospital, are empty. However, strange images appear in the alleys, which somehow resemble people, but look terrible: shabby skin, rotting body and ruthless desire to kill the first person you meet.

Rick realizes that something terrible has happened in the world. However, he still believes that he can find his loved ones. Alas, they are not at home, but the few survivors in the city suggested to Rick where to start the search. Rick begins his journey through the world, which now belongs not to people, but to the walking dead.

Trailer The Walking Dead season 1

Scenes The Walking Dead season 1