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  • 7.1 (based on 1 136 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 3:
  • Number Of Seasons: 3
  • Created By: Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl, Benjamin Roy
Maria Thayer
Maria Thayer


TV show Those Who Can’t follows three teachers who do not behave like teachers. It is a comedy with lots of adult humor and should be approached as such. Talented comedians decided to create an interesting plot about people who are not so happy about their life choices. They are doing their jobs as well as they can and face struggles on a daily basis. Sometimes, their solution to the problem is just not as “normal” as one would expect. The show did not earn a massive followship or loud praises from critics, but it managed to impress some audiences and was a minor success. Performed by gifted comedians and shoot competently, the series definitely deserves your attention.
TV show Those Who Can’t has multiple interesting story bits and themes that re discussed in a very straight-forward manner. Strong language and lots of inappropriate jokes make this series quite entertaining for people who are ready for some really lewd humor. In general, the series is a satisfying enough experience for those who want to watch something brave and intriguing. If you want something full of really borderline offensive adult humor, download episodes of Those Who Can’t in AVI, MPEG, and MP4 and enjoy the show!

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Those Who Can’t season 3 continues to deliver one joke after another regardless of whether you like them or consider them offensive. What made this show truly interesting is how the series does not want to be the new PC show that works around issues and does not want to make mean jokes. This series has characters that are not afraid to be offensive and often laugh at things that many people consider “serious”. As a result, the show entertains you without risking to bore you while you are trying to not cringe at the level of politcorrectness displayed.
Those Who Can’t season 3 will once again open the doors to the school where our three main heroes are trying to do their jobs as well as possible. Kids still hate them and they actually hate each other. The constant tension between heroes and their students make each interaction between characters hilarious. It is hard to find a more interesting and brave comedy out there! The number of witty and borderline offensive jokes is so high that you will be laughing every couple of seconds! If you want something truly memorable to watch online, this interesting comedy with witty characters is exactly what you need! Download it right now and enjoy!

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Air Date: October 07, 2016

Young and lively guys decided to try to work in a modern school, but once in it, they immediately lost heart. They absolutely do not understand how to work with children, because of what sometimes funny and funny incidents happen.
The characters behave simply defiantly, which is very disturbing for the director, who seeks not only to improve the education of children, but also to show parents that they have not for nothing chosen this school.
And with the appearance in the school of a new librarian, a pretty girl, the life of young men has changed. After all, everyone believes that the girl will choose it. But she does not give preference to anyone and is happy to take part in the general fun. Troubles and meaningless situations are only becoming more frequent and it is not clear how the heroes will get out of them.

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Air Date: February 11, 2016

The events of the series transfer us to one of the secondary American schools, where the main characters work. They should be an example for the younger generation, but for arrogant adolescents they are the usual “prepads” – targets for cruel ridicule and all sorts of practical jokes. And now, when the next academic year has come, it becomes most obvious. High school student Bryce, along with his friends, do not miss the moment to mock the teachers. So, in the center of the plot of the series “PrepAda / Those Who Can’t” there are three men: history teacher Billy Schumaker, trainer Andy Firebel and Spanish teacher Laurent Python. Bryce did great harm to each of them: the coach hit the ball several times “accidentally” in the face, seriously put Python in front of the director, and even ridiculed his love failure with the librarian Abby, and Schumaker got more than the others – the guy and his friends shot out of a paintball gun. After this, the heroes finally became furious. To get revenge on a high school student, they will be ready for anything: throw him drugs, persuade girls from the basketball team to beat the bully and draw a vulgar picture on the hood of his car. This funny episode is only a small part of the huge amount of trouble of the three teachers, because the school year has just begun!

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