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  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Country: Australia
  • Air Date Season # 1: November 28, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Matthew Saville, Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin
Tim Minchin
Daniel Lapaine
Daniel Lapaine
Ella Scott Lynch
Ella Scott Lynch


The series “Vertical” is a fascinating story about two young people who are typical losers. Both find themselves in the heart of the desert in Australia while trying to cross the entire continent and drive from Seattle to Perth. The plot focuses on the young man Lucky Flynn. He always experiences failures in everything that he does not touch and does not do.

The main character can only humiliate himself. True, this talent is not unique to Flynn. As it turned out, he is also a good musician who is able to play even the most complex parts of some pieces on the piano. Incidentally, it goes with him in a rented car towards Perth. But why is the main character going there? His mom will die soon. This is sad news.

She wants to tell her son before death, and he also wants to see a loved one. Of course, traveling in a rented car with a piano in the trunk is not an easy task. Everything else, along the way, the hero meets an interesting teenage girl, who becomes his companion. She is a character with a steep disposition. You can expect anything from this! True, it seems that the heroine hides the details of her life, as if not wanting Flynn to learn something superfluous, which you should not know …

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Air Date: November 28, 2019

Meet the new multi-part comedy “Vertical” from the actor / comedian, screenwriter, director and composer Tim Mincin, reminiscent of film critics as more likely a “bittersweet comedy drama” and telling about two losers in life that fate itself brought together on wide Australian open spaces.

His name is Lucky Finn and he is already a “cut chunk” for his family, and besides he is a typical loser who spent most of his life self-flagellating, and in order to improve his mental state, he constantly takes antidepressants. And then Lucky also received the news that her mother was seriously ill, her days were numbered and he needed to say goodbye to her. Of course, he definitely needs to say goodbye to his mother before she leaves for another world, but first, he needs to deliver the “blood from his nose” to the piano.

Failures haunt Lucky, and now, the tire has already burst and he nearly crashed to death colliding with a truck, behind the wheel of which she, Meg, this abnormal sixteen-year-old hysteric, cursing like a loader in a port. Lucky’s car crashed, and Meg’s truck, as luck would have it, does not have a trailer mount. Lucky was in despair and did not see a way out of this situation, but this young madam, interspersing normal words with obscenities, entered Lucky’s position and offered to load the piano into the back of her Utah. The girl’s arm was injured as a result of a car collision, so Lucky had to sit behind the wheel of her pickup truck in order to take the girl to the nearest hospital, which she still had to go to and go to.

A scandalous acquaintance brought these people together and an amazing journey began, in which Lucky and Meg would have to establish at least some kind of normal relationship with each other, simultaneously try to get to their destination without breaking the piano and seeing Lucky’s dying mother, and even to explain to people on their way that they are not a daughter with a dad who allows his daughter to mumble in vain, but random companions who will have to travel together for some time.

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