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  • 8.3 (based on 39 630 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 7: March 31, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 7
  • Created By: Armando Iannucci
Anna Chlumsky
Anna Chlumsky
Matt Walsh
Matt Walsh
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Reid Scott
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Tony Hale
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
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Kevin Dunn
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Veep is an interesting comic story about a woman, rushing to power. Selena Mayer served as senator for several years. Frankly speaking she was successful and popular. She had a lot of money and everybody respected her. She could do anything she wanted. For a long period of time she defended the right to a serious attitude towards herself, precisely as a politician, and not as a woman. And she did it succefully. But there were a lot of troubles, that had a bad influence to her…
But despite obstacles and all the hardships, her political career is on the go. And then – such an opportunity – to become a vice-president. Yes, any head will go around from such a tempting offer. Of course, she agrees, despite warnings of a huge responsibility.
Having taken her desireв office, Selena realized that she received far from what she expected, and those who warned her were right. But there is nowhere to retreat. It’s time to prove that a woman is also able to rule the country.
It is soo difficult! Will our protagonist be able to overcome all the problems of her new job? She had more responsibility now. We will learn it soon! Sit back comfortable and watch! This serial promises to be real outstanding and amazing!

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Air Date: March 31, 2019

In the 7 season of Veep we go back to our main heroine – Selena. She runs for presidency again, speaking out against John. To do this, she had to part with Jaffar, although this decision was not given to her easily. The changes will affect other heroes of the 7 season. Mike McClintock does not work for Selena anymore, which means he needs to do something to get some money for his family. Amy tells Dan that she is pregnant with him, and he is not very happy about. How will the heroes cope with the difficulties that have piled on them? Will they be able to overcome all the hardships and difficulties on their way? Maybe…
In season 7 we are waiting for 10 amazing series, each of which promises to be extremely interesting and unpredictable. Our protagonist has a lot of troubles and he life can change in a fast way. What will she do? Will this season be final? We are waiting for happy end, and you?
To be closer to his voter, Selena decides to go on a trip to live among ordinary people, to find out what challenges they face in their everyday life. Her career ladder rose, then steeply dumped her from the stairs down. Woman never drops her hand and goes to her goal – to become president of the United States.

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Air Date: April 16, 2017

The 6 season of Veep began in August 2016 in Los Angeles, but then moved to New York. The episode unfolds around Selena Mayer. Sitcom, shot in the genre of political satire, continues to talk about our heroine – politician who achieves success in her career, but what she encounters is completely different from her expectations. The new partner of Selena Mayeris going to become the new president. The head of coutry is not enthusiastic about their partnership because of a past romantic connection with him. Because of the unexpected turn of events of the previous part, he votes for new candidate Laura Andrea Savage. The number of votes in her favor prevails, and she becomes a new president of the USA. But Selena has already agreed to cooperate with the Chinese government to free Tibet from its control. As a result, this merit is attributed to Laura’s new apparatus, declaring that President concluded the first successful deal in their policy. We can learn, that Selena Mayer lives in New York now, her office is in the Bronx. In the 6 season of Veep Gary and Richard still work with her. Selina again agreed with her ex-husband Andrew. Amy deals with her groom’s campaign, Dan works in the morning show on CBS, John uses his cancer for rating in his job. Selina Meyer finally appears in public, giving interviews to CBS. She decides to become a president. Surprisingly, her whole family is shocked and protests this decision. Mike connects to Meyer’s team to write her memoirs, which she promised to release six months ago. What will be the end of this episode? Will our protagonist give up? We will learn it soon! Sit back comfortable and watch! It will be amazing and incredible!

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Air Date: April 24, 2016

The 5 season of Veep begins immediately after the events of the fourth season. The election night was over, but nothing cleared up: the struggle for the presidency between Selena Mayer and Senator O’Brien ended in a draw. Selena is shocked, but she wakes up soon and sees the way to victory. Catherine begins to shoot a documentary to capture a historical moment. Amy is worried about returning to the team, and Dan is already building a new career. Thoughts of Mike and his wife, reporter Wendy, are far from politics – they want to adopt a child from China. Tom is unceremoniously squeezed into the background when it comes to money. Selena needs a Wall Street shark, and when she finds an influential financier, she falls under his charm and begins a romance that can negatively affect her image. Mike is concerned about future fatherhood and is trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.
In the 5 season Selena will have to charm the Congress and the Senate in order to leave behind the president’s cherished chair. However, it faces a serious obstacle: the economic crisis and the collapse of stock exchanges, which will turn into a “black Wednesday” Chinese hackers will crack the White House’s defense and will have access to personal files of employees. Selina must decide whom to cover, and whom to leave for the torment. Are you ready to enjoy? Sit back and watch it!

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Air Date: April 12, 2015

The 4 season of Veep is so interesting and bright. In addition, we can celebrate the acting, and especially the protagonist, which is liked, probably more than all the others. There is no any duobt, that each character is interesting in its own way, but nevertheless the character of Selena Mayer. This role is a strong and successful woman will be the ideal impetus for those women who believe in themselves, believe in their potential, but nevertheless they do not have enough courage for anything. So watching the 4 season of Veep, just on the example of our heroine, we can conclude that everything is in our hands, you just want to, and even though you’re a girl you can do everything, you just need to make some effort. As for all the other heroes, we can not say anything negative about each one, because everyone was in their place and we did not see more than one extra. As for all the other pleasant trifles that accompanied us during the whole viewing of the series Veep we also can note the excellent quality of shooting and of course the music. These pleasant, but probably the most basic trifles played for me as not the last role. Due to this qualitative approach, we were able to penetrate even more this picture and get a tremendous pleasure from viewing. We recommend to definitely watch this wonderful episode, which will certainly give you a lot of bright emotions and promises to be real incredible.

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Air Date: April 06, 2014

In the 3 season of Veep we can understand, that our main heroine Selena – is not a parody of all the famous Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton. Yes, there are similar features, but we would call the main character in a collective way. Our heroine goes through a lot of difficulties, she keeps a lot of people around her, who, frankly, are real idiots. But she will change everything, fix everything, put everything on its feet and let it go in the right way!
Ine the 3 season of Veep, after the first days of helding in a new position, the veil of happiness gradually began to fall from the eyes of Selena, who saw the unattractiveness of the wrong side of the political Olympus in all its glory. She had to face the absolute incompetence of the staff of the apparatus, recruited into the state by kinship or friendship. Every morning a newly-minted vice-president was waiting for a rowdy scandal among the staff, where everyone tried to impose their opinions and manipulate the facts. The girl realized that it would not be possible to establish a work process and resolutely engaged in cleaning up the disorderly ranks of its employees without fundamental changes and changing priorities. What wiil be the result of this? We will learn it soon. Sit back and watch!

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Air Date: April 14, 2013

In the 2 season of Veep we will meet out protagonist – he received the chair of the vice-president of the United States, but there is not everything beautiful as she thought before. Selena, like a politician, even had a bus with her name in the pre-election campaign. She traveled around the country by this bus. But her secret weapon is a charming smile, and the impact on a person by force of persuasion. Of course, not all voters can understand the personal qualities of each candidate. This thing helped her to get such a high-ranking position even faster. In general, no one could even guess that a woman would once appear in the White House and be able to get along with everyone there. It was Selena, who succeeded in proving it to everyone and confirmed that she fully occupies this high state post. Selina is serious and very convincing on the all television programs and press conferences. She tries to dress modestly, but elegantly.
In the 2 season of Veep she looks amazing. There is a spectacular hairstyle and incredible dresses. Selina has a team of assistants, and there are a lot of men in her team. They try to do everything that she says. Selina is a pretty strict woman, but she is fair – if her assistant has not coped with his task or duties – he will be punished. She has peculiar methods of punishment, but all are not so gross as to offend them, as they say “what you deserve, then get it.”
Sit back and watch! This episode promises to be real outstanding!

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Air Date: April 22, 2012

In the 1st season of Veep we can meet an outstandng story. This episode is about Senator Selina Meyer, who suddenly becomes a vice president of country – the leader of America. As a real lady, she has a natural charm and it is impossible to resist againts it, but as a politician she is very clever, and her mind often helps her to defend her views. For her principled convictions, Selina also has a lot of powerful opponents, such as the oil corporation, but the support of the people does not allow her to give up. Will our main heroine be able to stay under this competition? We can learn it soon in this episode!
In the 1st season of Veep her service is a huge responsibility shared by the heroine with the US President and the position of the second person in the country is superimposed as an excessive litigation on the shoulders of a fragile woman, but it also has its privileges, because the vice president can become the next ruler in case of death or incapacity of the head of the country.
Are you ready to watch this outstanding and incredible episode? Do you want to wonder? It will be unpredictable! Sit back comfortable and watch! This episode promises to be really interesting and unbelievable!

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