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  • 8.3 (based on 64 802 user ratings)
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 4: July 18, 2019
  • Number Of Seasons: 4
  • Created By: Rob Thomas
Percy Daggs III
Percy Daggs III
Francis Capra
Francis Capra
Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell
Enrico Colantoni
Enrico Colantoni


The tiny city of Neptune, located in California, is shockingly murdered. The victim is the 16-year-old girl Lily, the daughter of the richest city dweller, magnate Jake Kane. A few months later, the killer is under arrest and confesses to everything, the court confirms his guilt. There are only two people in the city who do not believe that it was he who killed Lily, doubts lurk in the heart of Sheriff Keith Mars and his daughter Veronica, it was Lily who was very friendly with her.

Because of unfounded suspicion, Keith Mars is losing his job, he is forced to become a private investigator. Veronica also vows to find out the truth, by all means. In general, Veronica is a very smart girl. She quickly realizes that she has gained from her father excellent analytical skills and determination worthy of respect. She begins to personally engage in detective work right in her own school. The girl easily finds the disappeared symbol of a school sports team at the request of classmates, exposes a possible terrorist, uncovers a plot of dog thieves. She can easily get dirt on her parents and so on.

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Air Date: July 18, 2019

The fourth season of the famous TV series “Veronica Mars” returns residents to the small Californian town of Neptune, where Veronica Mars, who has already matured, continues its investigations. Once upon a time her story began here, when a young enthusiast took up the matter of the death of a daughter of a famous magnate.

Yes, the police caught the offender, and he, in turn, issued a confession. True, Veronica and her father Keith are the only ones who do not believe in the words of a fake criminal in the city. The protagonists begin their investigation of this case, going as far as possible. Veronica quickly learns from her father various detective techniques and becomes an incredibly successful girl detective!

In addition, the heroine does not waste time in vain and constantly practiced using her skills at school! True, all this is over! The girl has matured. However, the habits remained the same! Veronica Mars continues to investigate and uncover particularly complicated cases that may cause confusion and misunderstanding on the part of other investigators. No one doubts the success of Veronica, but each time things get more and more complicated and complicated.

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Scenes Veronica Mars season 4

Air Date: October 03, 2006

The action of the series takes place in a small town in California. The police are working calmly here, because all residents are honest, decent and fair.

Once in a city a terrible murder occurs. The event struck the whole city – the daughter of the largest businessman was killed. After some time, the killer was found and convicted. He confessed to the crime and was punished to the fullest extent of the law. Residents calmed down.

But not all. Sheriff Keith Mars and his daughter, who was the girlfriend of the murdered girl, do not believe what is happening. It seems to them that they have condemned the innocent, and the murderer is walking about free.

The main characters begin their investigation. They will face unprecedented difficulties and even dig in a strange cabinet with skeletons. But the main thing is to find the real killer. Just why is so much any information related to the murdered?

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Air Date: September 28, 2005

The small town of Neptune, lost in California, is shocked by an unusual murder. 16-year-old Lily, the daughter of the richest man in the city, is being killed. After a couple of months, the alleged killer is being detained. He confesses to the offense, the court imprisons him.

But those who doubt his fault remain in the city, this is Sheriff Keith Mars and his clever daughter Veronica, who was the victim’s best friend. Because of his suspicions, the sheriff is losing his post, now he is becoming a private investigator.

Veronica takes an oath that she will surely find out how it really was. In general, Veronica is a very smart child. She quickly realizes that she inherited a number of remarkable qualities from her father – determination, excellent analytical skills. In her own school, she has long been engaged in detective work.

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Air Date: September 22, 2004

Favorite by many series of the early 2000s called “Veronica Mars” back on screens. All beloved young heroine almost from childhood engaged in conducting investigations of various levels of complexity.

And it is difficult to imagine her hobbies for others, because the father named Keith worked first in the police, and then he opened his own detective agency, which was rightfully considered the best in the city of Neptune.

Helping the parent to investigate Veronica herself became an excellent professional. Even from school, she was engaged in their own investigations on the orders of classmates and acquaintances. The viewer will be surprised how many secrets ordinary people see in a small town.

The matured heroine appears in her usual role and still loves her job most of all else. Only now the scale of cases has become much larger, and the personal life of Veronica is not put in order.

Her relationship with clients, suspects and friends is intertwined in a huge unusual tangle of human feelings with a variety of shades. What is guaranteed to not be in the series, so this boredom.

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