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  • 7.1 (based on 1 650 user ratings)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Country: United States
  • Air Date Season # 1: May 06, 2018
  • Number Of Seasons: 1
  • Created By: Tanya Saracho
Mishel Prada
Mishel Prada
Melissa Barrera
Melissa Barrera
Chelsea Rendon
Chelsea Rendon
Carlos Miranda
Carlos Miranda
Maria-Elena Laas
Maria-Elena Laas


Emma and Lin grew up in Mexico, but one day they decided to went to the city of their dreams – Los Angeles. Two sisters spend all their free time together, support each other and try to organize their affairs. They wait for a true love and perspective work.

The girls are sure that everything is still ahead and all their desires will be realized in future. But the sad news makes them return to their home, where they are expected to have many revelations and amazing stories.

Then our heroines find themselves in their native land to bury their mother. But this is not the only thing that has plunged them into shock. It turned out that their mother lied to everyone about her well-being all this time.

She was ill for a long period of time, but kept it in secret, so now her daughters are shocked. The girls did not know anything about their mother’s illness and lived far from their mother.

Moreover, their old friends who stayed in Mexico began to tell them more details about the mother’s past and about her life in their absence. Emma and Lin understand that they knew nothing about their own mother. And one day they will discover the main secret – who was their real father and why they grew up without him.

The quiet life of girls ends and they do not understand anything. What will be the continuation of this story? We can learn it soon in Vida. Sit back comfortably and watch it.

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Air Date: May 06, 2018

In the 1st season of Vida we will learn an outstanding story about two woman. They were too young and more interested by their future than they thought about the past life. Our protagonists were close relatives and spent a lot of time together. Two sisters almost the same age had a lot of common interests and hobbies. The girls were very close and had no secrets from each other.

They often talked about various topics, one shared her thoughts and experiences, and her sister tried to support and give advice that can help to deal with this or that situation. Their relationship could be set as an example, because it is really hard to concern to your close people with such a great warmth and tenderness.

In the 1st season of Vida the girls live in USA for a long time, but they were born in a completely different country. Two small girls they left their historical homeland Mexico and moved to the United States with their mother.

As it has already mentioned, they were not interested in their past, but it would unexpectedly and unceremoniously break into their lives at the inappropriate moment for this. The problems will be related to the secrets that the mother tried to hide carefully from her daughters, she tried to hide from them the truth, which eventually become known.

Responsible Emma, as it turns out, will have to sort out the troubles of the family business. Carefree Lin also does not admire the sad and uncomfortable situation.

Relatives learn surprising facts about their deceased mother. Our heriones will see a lot of people with whom they once shared a life in a gloomy area. They will meet with personalities from the mother’s environment, whose intentions are unpredictable.

These meetings will bring heroines problems and experiences. Forced return at their old home will be a long, dramatic, stuffed conflict.

Do you want to know about these secrets? Sit back and watch! This episode will be incredible!

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